The recent publication  in the Otago Daily Times of the events around the mining of the sand dunes at Ocean Beach Domain in the 1880’s was a very timely one in a national sense. The recent debate over the mining of protected areas and the significant protest held in Auckland reminds us that we have much to learn from the fables of history. At Ocean Beach the Crown irrevocably damaged the dunes and were made to look like amateur bunglers in the manner that they undertook the whole business. The driving force in the conflict was  economic development, which is same the issue that we face today.

Battle of the Sand Hills

St Clair early 1920's

St Clair early 1920’s

The Dunedin Amenities Society took the opportunity to submit on the closure of John Wilson Drive. The Society feels that in the wider interests of the Reserve that the Drive should be altered to protect the dunes for the safeguarding of South Dunedin in the wake of climatic change. The submisison is attached for people to read and digest.

Submission on John Wilson Drive

The use of the coastal environment must reflect our future needs

After a year of waiting the society finally received information from the Otago Regional Council on their programme of works for this problem in the City. While the programme seeks compliance the Society will keep a weather eye on this issue and the performance of the Council.

PDF copy of OMB Blocks – Dunedin

Old Mans Beard Programme

Take our poll and help the Dunedin Amenities Society eradicate this pest from our city and forest habitats.

Eradicate OMB

The Dunedin Amenities Society and the Fraser Family have installed a new seat at the Rockside Road entrance to Ross Creek. The Fraser family have a long association with the Leith Valley and the seat  was a way for the family to remember their days in the valley. The new seat installation was arranged with the help of DCC staff Martin Thompson and Scott Mclean. A pleasant spot to take a break or catch your breath after exploring Ross Creek.


The Society have become increasing concerned with the use of the Queens Drive adjacent to Littlebourne as a parking space. What has become apparent is that the Dunedin City Council have allowed this to happen under the guise of transportation consultation. It is clear that the value of the Town Belt as a heritage reserve of the city is being undermined by the organisation charged with its protection. The Society have taken up the challenge of seeing this inappropriate use reversed and have asked to meet with the Mayor and the staff of the Council.

Old Man's Beard - City Street

Old Man's Beard - City Street

The Society has completed the mapping of the Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) vine in the areas adjacent  to the Town Belt. What it has found is disturbing with nearly 200 sites in and around the Belt. Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) is a significant threat to the health of the Town Belt and its forest composition. Its prolific seed production make it a very serious pest plant and one thats needs eradication from public and private land. The Society has approached the Otago Regional and Dunedin City Councils to investigate the properties and get an effective control programme in place for these areas. Private landowners have a part to play in eradicating this plant from their property. The Society will await the actions of both Councils with interest as to how they approach this issue. Old man’s beard map (PDF)

Map of Old Mans Beard Presence

Old Man's Beard GPS Map