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The Dunedin Amenities Society has a very strong historical link to the City of Dunedin and needs passionate and innovative people to help its members continue with the good work that it has done for the city. If you would like to assist us and take an active part in the protection, preservation and conservation of your city and its environment please join the Society by downloading and completing the following membership form:

Click to access membership-application-form-5-may-2023.pdf


The Dunedin Amenities Society has been a significant organisation in the protection preservation and development of Dunedin City’s landscape, heritage and conservation values. The Society is committed to the development of projects that enhance the city’s recreational, amenity and natural assets for the well-being and enjoyment of the community and its visitors. Bequests would be utilised in public projects for beautification, development of amenity assets, biodiversity & heritage conservation or restoration and the physical interpretation of the scenic and landscape values of the city. You can contribute to those projects by providing a bequest in your will. Please take the time to download the bequest form and discuss with your legal advisor. View pictures in viewer.

Click to access bequest-information-6-05-23.pdf

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