Always up to the task

One of the unheralded groups who have done so much for the community and the Dunedin Amenities Society is the Dunedin City Council sponsored Task force Green and Community Volunteers. No matter what the job this group of people are willing and able to put in the effort for the good of the community and its citizens. The Dunedin Amenities Society have had the pleasure of having many of their number undertake a range of work on its projects, always with excellent results. Well led, well organised and always willing, this group have proved invaluable in Dunedin for many years. Recently the Society had six volunteers undertake road marshaling on the Town Belt Traverse. They gave up their Sunday to help our organisation put on a great event and keep people safe. You can’t place a value on that kind of assistance, and the Society would like to publicly acknowledge the team and wish them well in all of the things they do for our great city. (Click on pictures to view in full size).


Cleaning up Kaituna

There are parts of Dunedin that let our city down due to litter, vandalism, graffiti and general malaise. One area that has concerned the Society for some time is the abandoned Kaituna Tennis and Bowling club on the corner of Serpentine Avenue and Maori Road. The club vacated the premises quite some time ago and the building that was on site was set on fire by vandals. This has left a waste land for vandalism and litter dumping that does little justice to the Town Belt or the neighbouring community. After inspecting the site with DCC Parks Officer Richard McAlevey members of the Society asked whether he could arrange Taskforce Green to clean up the area and remove the rubbish from the site. It’s been a pleasant surprise over the last few weeks to have seen the improvement that the Taskforce Green team have made to the site, with the removal of the redundant fences, graffiti covered walls and the household dumping. Here are some before and after photo’s showing the good work that Taskforce Green undertake in their community, and while it’s not perfect its a good start. Many thanks from the Dunedin Amenities Society, keep up the good work. Click on the pictures to view in a gallery.


Getting Directions at Craigieburn

The installation of directional signs at Craigieburn has now been completed to give visitors a better understanding of how to navigate around the key visitor sites within the reserve. Eight directional markers were installed by Dunedin City Council’s Taskforce Green team under the supervision of Project Manager Paul Pope. While the earlier installed interpretative signage gave visitors a detailed understanding of the heritage, historical and ecological values of Craigieburn, directional signs were needed to link the on site maps and new tracks with the access linkage to Ross Creek. The Taskforce Green team under the leadership of Alex Griffin have proved an invaluable resource for the Craigieburn project through their willingness to undertake some tough tasks in often onerous conditions. Many thanks from the Craigieburn Reserve Committee and the Dunedin Amenities Society, love your work!