Annual General Meeting

SONY DSCThe Society will hold its 124th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 16th of April at the Botanic Gardens Centre (next to the Opoho Bowling Club) in Lovelock Avenue at 5.30pm. The guest speaker for the meeting will the City Council’s Heritage Policy Planner, Dr Glen Hazelton. The topic of Dr Hazelton’s address will be “Heritage Buildings and Seismic Implications.”

With the advent of the Christchurch earthquakes and the government looking at changes in standards regarding earthquake prone buildings the management of heritage buildings is an important issue for the City. With Dunedin having so many heritage buildings that create the unique character of the city it is going to become increasingly important forĀ  owners and local authorities to be able to have meaningful and sustainable standards to retain these structures.

The Annual General Meeting is an important event for the Society as it celebrates its 125th year, and an opportunity for members to hear more about the activities of the organisation and consider its future plans and programme. It’s also important that the society continue to be a vocal and active organisation in the conservation and enhancement of our local landscape and environment.