Ugly Dunedin


Dunedin is a beautiful city but we also have our share of ugly areas that blight  our landscape and decrease the value of our city for visitors and the community. The Society would like Dunedin people to cast a critical eye over their city and the communities they live in and consider what is good and bad in their landscape and environment. What makes you sit up and take notice?

Discovering “ugly Dunedin” is not about criticism, its about ideas, some big and some small.  It’s about creating linkages to urban  space that entwine biodiversity,  heritage, landscape, and recreation within the city. That’s about debating challenges we face for the betterment of our city’s built and natural environment. We need to be pro active and practical on how we  make our city an even better place to live.

Is ugly really a problem in Dunedin? Take a photo and drop us a line through the form below.

What is ugly?