The Dunedin Amenities Society


The people pictured in the car  didn’t throw the rubbish out of the window, but have a look at how close the brand new bin is beside the parking area. Was it too much to walk over and put the remains of the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices into the bin? Littering like this makes our city look awful and casts a blight on our reputation as a clean green place to… Read More

The recent publication  in the Otago Daily Times of the events around the mining of the sand dunes at Ocean Beach Domain in the 1880’s was a very timely one in a national sense. The recent debate over the mining of protected areas and the significant protest held in Auckland reminds us that we have much to learn from the fables of history. At Ocean Beach the Crown irrevocably damaged the dunes and were made… Read More

The Dunedin Amenities Society took the opportunity to submit on the closure of John Wilson Drive. The Society feels that in the wider interests of the Reserve that the Drive should be altered to protect the dunes for the safeguarding of South Dunedin in the wake of climatic change. The submisison is attached for people to read and digest. Submission on John Wilson Drive