Mosgiel – Dunedin Tunnels Trail

Call for submissions to DCC Annual Plan 2022

Aerial view showing route and other details of proposed Tunnels trail from Mosgiel through to Caversham

The Council is proposing to design and build the Tunnels Trail between Mosgiel and Caversham, utilising the two disused historic railway tunnels, as one single stage project within the next 4 – 6 years. The Dunedin Amenities Society has supported the launch of the project by way of a generous financial donation because of the intrinsic recreational and historical value that this project will provide to the public.

We (the Society) encourage all those people who read these notes and who are interested in supporting this project, to tell the Council that you support this plan and want to see it implemented as soon as possible.

How can you do this?

You can do this by filling in the DCC Submission form . It will only take you a couple of minutes and needs to completed by noon on Thursday 22 April 2022. Take a few minutes and do it now.

Here is some text to get you started:

I support the Tunnels Trail project to develop a Shared Path/Cycleway between Mosgiel and Caversham. The Tunnels Trail project should be given immediate and high priority with a focus of delivering operational sections as soon as possible.

Click on the text above, copy it (ctrl-C), and then paste it (ctrl-V) in the box headed ‘How are we doing?’ of the DCC Submission form . You can amend the text or add anything else you want to say and complete the form. You don’t have to speak to your submission but there is the opportunity to book a time to do so.

We appreciate your consideration and support for this worthwhile project.

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