Anthropology Society Visit Craigieburn

The Otago University Anthropology Society undertook a working field trip to Craigieburn on Saturday, the 11th of August. The Anthropology Society is a Otago University student club that gives members interested in all things anthropological to participate in field trips, training, discussion and networking with other interested members. The field trip to Craigieburn gave the club an opportunity to undertake field studies including sketching and measurement of the byre and Mrs Sherriff’s house site on Tanner Road. Craigieburn is an ideal site for the Club because of its easy proximity and the documented material already available from previous research initiated by the Amenities Society. Craigieburn is governed by a deed of trust that requires the reserve to be utilised for educational purposes and the encouragement of that aspect of the deed is an important facet in the management of the reserve. The Amenities Society are always pleased to have Craigieburn utilised for educational and learning opportunities in a variety of fields, and the Anthropology Society were most welcome.