Arboriculture Students at Craigieburn

Arboriculture students from the Otago Polytechnic Natural Resources Department have been working at Craigieburn removing wind damaged and hung up branches from the significant macrocarpa shelter belt in the main paddock. The students are undertaking the work as part of their studies in arboriculture and provides them with practical experience in the arboriculture field. The students use their climbing, chainsaw and health & safety skills during the work under the supervision of qualified professionals. With the reserve open to the public the removal of the dead wood and damaged branches was important for the safety of visitors to the area. The work by the students culminates an agreement put into place between the Craigieburn Reserve Committee and the Otago Polytechnic to utilise Craigieburn as a training area for students training in arboriculture. The agreement signed at the December 2011 open day is the continuation of a 17 year relationship between the Otago Polytechnic’s Natural Resources Department through planting work undertaken on the reserve by horticulture students. It also continues the provisions of the Deed of Trust that governs the property ensuring that the reserve is utilised for learning and education. While there will be further work undertaken on the reserve cleaning up after the pruning, the impact has been extremely positive and adds to the safety and look of the reserve.