Queens Drive – Town Belt Restored

The recent decision by the City Council to restore the portion of Queens Drive above Littlebourne from car park to scenic road within the Town Belt is welcomed by the Dunedin Amenities Society. The protection of the reserve’s  heritage, landscape and ecological values are paramount to the city’s identity and physical fabric. The Council allowed its own Transportation Planning Department to unilaterally damage a legal reserve without consultation or the consideration for the values of the reserve. The Otago Daily Times rather biblically reported “the hand that gave will taketh away” but in reality the Council had no right to give in the first place. The failure of Transportation Planning to adhere to any consultation process (both externally and internally of Council) created the current parking issues in Queens Drive. While it will take a year for this matter to be completed and commuters given fair notification of the change, it was gratifying to see the reinforcement of the principles of the Town Belt Management Plan and the protection of a reserve so important to the city.