ORC takes action on old mans beard

It was pleasing for the Dunedin Amenities Society to see the recent enforcement action taken by the Otago Regional Council on private properties with infestations of Old Man’s Beard in Dunedin. This work is well beyond due from the Otago Regional Council as it grapples with the enforcement and implementation of its Pest Management Strategy.

In 2008 the Society mapped 180 sites of this weed on private properties adjacent to the Town Belt Reserve and presented that information to ORC staff. The Society presented that same information to the Otago Regional Council’s 2011 Annual Plan so that action would be taken for the protection of the Town Belt. After all, it is fruitless for the Dunedin City Council to spend ratepayers funding on weed eradication in the ‘Belt if the available seed source on private properties is not removed also.

It is hoped that the Regional Council will continue its good work and make further progress on problematic areas such as Serpentine Avenue, Mclaggan St and the areas between George St and Queen Streets. Hopefully too, they have removed the Old Man’s Beard growing in their Stafford Street car-park and highlighted by the Society in its 2011 submission.

This weed is a serious threat to Dunedin’s native forest landscape and needs urgent continued vigilance to contain and eradicate it from our city.

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ORC takes action on old mans beard | Otago Daily Times Online News