Solid as a Rock – A Rocha at Craigieburn

Members of the A Rocha (Portuguese for the rock) environmental group  put in the hard yards at Craigieburn on Saturday and planted nearly 250 native trees. The group toiled hard on a warm morning to get the job done. This was the second visit by the group to Craigieburn and their hard work is appreciated as the Society’s cultural and ecological restoration of Craigieburn continues. The new planting adds to the work undertaken by the Otago Polytechnic Horticulture students the previous day and is part of a further three years of planting work to be undertaken by volunteers and community groups at Craigieburn. The long-term aim of the planting within the main paddock of Craigieburn is to strengthen the previously grazed fringes of the bush to provide better connectivity of the vegetation for bird and invertebrate habitat. The Dunedin Amenities Society is always humbled by the people who turn up to these type of events and who are prepared to share a common goal and interest in their local environmental and landscape. Great effort A Rocha, we look forward to working with you again soon.





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