Four Season’s in One Day

There’s nothing like embracing your pioneer spirit, and the Otago Polytechnic horticulture students accepted the challenge and planted over 250 native plants at Craigieburn. With heavy showers and strong winds first thing this morning, the students hunkered down under the bush waiting for a break in the sky. Luckily that’s what happened and apart from some blustery winds the team were untroubled for the rest of the day. The planting is another major milestone for the project and is the 16th year Otago Polytechnic Horticulture students have planted trees on the reserve. The long-term consistency of the partnership between the Society and the Polytechnic has created tangible environmental and educational results for both organisations. Todays planting was a successful continuation of the long-term restoration of Craigieburn that is in its 62nd year. One of the major tenets of the deed of trust that governs Craigieburn is that the land and the project should be used for education purposes. Having the horticulture students at Craigieburn has been critical to the vegetation restoration of the site and the Society welcomes the opportunity of having them learn more from their time at Craigieburn. Guiding the students around the reserve Project Manager Paul Pope showed this years students the work of their predecessors and the latest heritage restoration work that has been occurring on the site. The planting work today was a further addition to Craigieburn and the Society looks forward to working with the students again soon. Our thanks to them all and their tutor Lisa Burton.