Planting Giants at Craigieburn

rimu in bushIt’s hard to believe that it’s over 60 years since the Society purchased Craigieburn, and even more amazing that the site continues to grow and mature both in understanding and in the depth of its vegetation. This week the Dunedin Amenities Society will undertake native tree planting at Craigieburn in Tanner Road on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of September from 10:00am. This latest tree planting is the Society’s 62nd year of their rimu forest conservation project at Craigieburn, and will add significantly to other replanted areas of the site. Purchased by the Society in 1949, there was a recognition of the uniqueness of the remaining rimu forest in the area and the Society moved to protect this land for the benefit of the City. Presently, there are 52 mature rimu ranging in age from 250-650 years old at Craigieburn and the Society hopes to add more of these living giants for future generations. A long-term partnership with the Otago Polytechnic over the last 16 years will see the continuation of tree planting by horticulture students on Friday and the newly formed environmental group A Rocha will follow-up on Saturday with further planting. Anyone who would like to help is more than welcome to come and put the spade into the ground.