Portsmouth Drive Tree Vandalism

The first thing you think of when you see deliberate acts of vandalism is why? Why would you bother exerting such energy? What rage boils inside some of our citizens that the destruction of newly planted trees provides pleasure? The degree of violence in the destruction of the trees on Portsmouth Drive reminds us all, that Dunedin is not immune from the minority of mean-spirited people who revel in such senselessness. While our city faces economic uncertainty the monetary loss caused by wanton acts of vandalism like at Portsmouth Drive is profound. Furthermore, the morale sapping nature of vandalism on Council staff and our community is immeasurable and ultimately soul-destroying. What is certain is that we must not let these criminals succeed in ruining our streetscapes, our public parks and our open spaces for their own perverted and moronic satisfaction. Dunedin people must act to protect and value their landscape by reporting these types of offences to the police and council authorities. The City Council too, must be prepared to extract the full cost of these acts from the perpetrators, through prosecution and compensation. As a community we must stand up to this type of behaviour. The Society offers its sympathy to the Council and the community and hopes that this type of mindlessness can be stamped out for the benefit of our city.