Craigieburn – The Byre Restoration

Restoration work has progressed quickly over the last 3 weeks on the byre restoration in the central paddock at Craigieburn. After the initial clearance and excavation the strengthening and realignment of the structural stone walls is close to completion. The boxing for the renewal of the former dairy and milking shed floor will be ready by late this week in preparation for the pouring of a new section of concrete floor. The floor will ensure the stone work is strengthened and that the surface will be safe for visitors. Considerable work has been undertaken revealing the stone cobble floor of 100 years of dirt and rubble after the initial excavation. The  Dunedin City Council’s Task-Force Green team have been patiently scraping the remaining dirt out of the cobbles with hand tools and have revealed a stunning heritage area. Project Manager Paul Pope is full of praise for their efforts, as the work is laborious and takes a high degree of patience and perseverance. There is still some tidy up work to complete including adding some drainage and a gravel edge around the perimeter of the byre, but the site looks set to be completed in the next two weeks.

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