Young Historians At Craigieburn

Students from Portobello School had the opportunity to learn more about colonial life on their recent visit to Craigieburn last week. Nearly 50 children from years 4-8 and their teachers and parents braved the elements to explore the workings of a real archaeological excavation and restoration.
The visit coincided with Portobello School’s work on “being an historian” and learning more about early colonial life in New Zealand.  The children were able to look at many of the steel tools and other artefacts discovered on site at Craigieburn. Project Manager Paul Pope also had a surprise for one of the schools teachers Tom Hobbs when he asked him to demonstrate how Elizabeth Rankin would have worn her skirt “breekit” when herding cattle or building stone walls.
The children also took the opportunity to explore the rimu forest that is an important part of the Craigieburn experience, and tried their hand at sieving soil that had been  excavated from part of the former stable site.  It was great to see the children’s interest and enthusiasm for the work at Craigieburn, and very rewarding to be able to share this with them. So despite the very damp weather everyone had a great time and Paul even gave everyone a chocolate fish, so they had the energy for the walk back through Ross Creek to the bus.

2 thoughts on “Young Historians At Craigieburn

  1. Paul how exciting that after so many years you have achieved the dream of having school children at Craigieburn. Cheers Nora

    • Thank you Nora. It has been a long held ambition of mine to teach children and young people more about their colonial and settler roots. This project is the beginning of creating something permanent for the City that will achieve that. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!

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