The DCC Annual Plan

The Dunedin Amenities Society have been writing and presenting submissions to the City Council since 1888. While many people may question the validity of the Annual Plan process, the Society have always actively sought to put its views on a variety of issues to the Council. The only thing that groups like the Society can expect from the Annual Plan process is a fair hearing, and we like others took our turn to put our views across to the Councillors gathered in the Fullwood Room last week. This year the Society concentrated on three issues;

  • Ensuring that there will be continued funding for Dunedin’s reserves, most importantly those of high conservation and ecological value like the Town Belt, Ross Creek, Flagstaff and Mount Cargill.
  • The anomalies of the District Plan that place impediments on the control of weed species(Sycamore)  in the Town Belt
  • The long-term use of John Wilson Drive and providing a better alternative to spending $400,000 + on unnecessary traffic control measures.

The saying “put up or shut up” comes to mind during this process and the Society will always come forward and give its opinion. If Dunedin is to be a vibrant and successful city then we all must give our views constructively and rationally. The notes from our presentation are provided for our readers and members, so they can understand our point of view and our interests.

Submission Notes to the Dunedin City Council Annual Plan 2011The greatest danger