Craigieburn Heritage – Phase two

Dr Hamel watches contractors remove the remaining stump

Phase two of the restoration of the old building at Craigieburn was completed successfully this morning. The removal of several large trees was undertaken from around the stone structure yesterday, and a large broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis) stump was removed from the western corner of the structure this morning. Grant Webber from John Clearwater Contracting has had experience on operating in archaeological areas before and he showed a deft touch with the digger in the removal process. Under the supervision of project manager Paul Pope and archaeologist Dr Jill Hamel the decaying stump was gently removed keeping as many of the remaining stones intact. With the vegetation and stump removed, the site is now clear for the stone mason to begin piecing the walls back together for final stabilisation. Thanks to Alex Griffen and the Taskforce Green team for cleaning up the cut material and slash from yesterday.


The cleared site ready for restoration 

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