Hoheria flowers and Portobello Creek

The Portobello Bowling Club has a small creek running through its property between Sherwood Street and the hotel in Portobello Road. The club has been working hard on improving its grounds and have developed a stream restoration plan to improve the visual aesthetics of the site and to provide better opportunities for native fish that inhabit the area. The Dunedin Amenities Society made a  financial contribution to the clubs project for the planting of the stream edges. While the project is small,  its contribution to the landscape and biodiversity of the Portobello township is an important one. The Save the Otago Peninsula group have become partners in the project and with other funding sources there will be sufficient funds to plant the remaining area adjacent to the hotel. The Society will watch with interest as the Bowling Club and Peninsula residents improve this neglected area.The Hoheria angustifolia provides a stunning backdrop for the site.