Craigieburn is Blooming Lovely

Last year the Society made the decision to clear the gorse off the bank area below the western paddock down to Tanner Road. This was a key part of the restoration project and one that was much-needed for the reserve and the local area. It was a big job and we discovered gorse that was over 50 years old. We had contractors come in and cut the material down and the City Council’s Taskforce Green team worked like trojans taking away the gorse off the site. It was a thankless job, but without their efforts the clearance would have been impossible. With clearance completed in September the Society took a calculated risk by planting the area out with 800 plants in early October. There were some sleepless nights worrying about that decision as Dunedin had some of the hottest weather its’  had in years. It looked like our plants were going to be baked under the hot October sun. However, just when despair was about to set in the heavens opened up and our trees were saved by some very welcome rain. Inspection in January 2011 has shown that the gamble has paid off and the tree’s are blooming with negligible losses. This area is going to make a welcome addition to the reserve and the Tanner Road roadside, and it’s nice to be able to sleep again!


The clearance of the 50-year-old gorse (above) off the bank below the reserve onto Tanner Road was a major logistical exercise. The 800 native plants that were planted in early October  (below) look fit and healthy with negligible plant losses.