“Thats ugly too…”

The people pictured in the car  didn’t throw the rubbish out of the window, but have a look at how close the brand new bin is beside the parking area. Was it too much to walk over and put the remains of the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices into the bin? Littering like this makes our city look awful and casts a blight on our reputation as a clean green place to visit. We need to seriously consider the image we project to our visitors and our community. Importantly too, dumping food scraps has more than visual impacts. It effects our wildlife by providing feeding opportunities for rodents, wild cats and mustelids who then prey on our native wildlfe. We seem to feel that the ocean is an enormous receptacle for plastic and any other waste we dump out of our vehicles, where eventually this sort of rubbish  gets blown. For the record the photographer went over and cleaned this mess up. Come on Dunedin take some pride in your city and your open spaces!