Otago Polytechnic Visit Craigieburn

Students from the Otago Polytechnic Horticulture course visited Craigieburn with their tutor Lisa Burton yesterday. The Otago Polytechnic has had a long term relationship with the reserve and began planting native trees on the reserve in 1995. With totara, miro and matai now reaching 3-5 metres in height it was great to show the present students the work that their peers have undertaken over the last 15 years. What started out as a bare paddock with a few scattered trees has become a new and vibrant piece of forest that has become integrated into the old bush line and surrounding vegetation. 

Without the work of the Otago Polytechnic students and staff the Craigieburn project would not have enjoyed the planting success that it has achieved today. Its been fantastic to have the students on the reserve over the years and share their energy and enthusiasm for the area. Importantly too, many of these students will be our future horticultural, nursery and reserves managers, which is so important for our economy and environment. The Society looks forward to seeing a new group of Otago Polytechnic students planting trees at Craigieburn next year. Thanks guys, love your work!


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