Craigieburn Open Day – Celebrating 60 Years

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This years International Year of Biodiversity couldn’t have come at a better time for the Dunedin Amenities Society as it celebrates 60 years of the purchase of Craigieburn.

Craigieburn is a regionally and arguably a nationally significant cultural landscape that intertwines the natural beauty of an untouched piece of mature rimu forest and the archaeological and historical records of colonial settlement and early conservation. 

The open day will be held at Craigieburn on Sunday 17th October at 10:30 and will include a memorial tree planting from descendents of the Sherriff families. The Society would also like to commemorate the work of one of its great members, the late John Perry by asking his wife Virginia to plant a tree on the reserve in memory of his contribution to the reserve and to the Society. There will be an opportunity for visitors to plant a few more trees and to explore the reserve and discuss its values with members of the Society and the management committee. So bring your outdoor shoes, a jacket and your camera and come and explore one of Dunedin’s environmental and historical gems. Craigieburn Open Day Invitation

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