Annual General Meeting Speaker

The Dunedin Amenities Society held its 122nd Annual general meeting on the 26th of April 2010. The Society was addressed by Paul Pope, a current member of the Society and environmental consultant for Spiralis, a Dunedin based environmental and resource management company. The topic of the presentation was “Tracks and Trails – Thoughts on telling the historical,social and ecological story of Dunedin’s landscape in the 21st Century.”  Paul showed the audience how the linkages of green space could create opportunities in eco and heritage tourism as well as creating exciting interpretative challenges in the environment. He suggested to the Society that the Town Belt played a crucial role in linking the city to our “wild spaces”. He also suggested that in Dunedin  “we undersell ourselves and devalue the experience that we provide from these sites for ourselves and others” and showed some examples from around the city. We have to take more pride in these areas and sustainably utilise the recreational and scenic values to ensure the protection of the ecological and landscape values. There is a wide audience for such use and we need to invest in their promotion to create positive outcomes in our community and economy. There was considerable discussion and debate with Paul and amongst members about the ideas shown to the Society, but it is an exciting concept that needs further consideration.

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